Weekend Wandering Wonderings

* Those chocolates that I received as a gift. SLAMMING.

* After playing in my closet this weekend with a friend, I am entertaining the idea of this clothing swap party I saw on a news show. We had fun one on one...imagine the fun and great things we could share with each other. Thinking...

* I think the Angelic Steps did the Stanky Leg in the pulpit...shock & awe.

* That will teach ya to mess with an American Ship or an American ANYTHING. We may be short on some beans, but we got plenty of bullets. We was looking to kick somebody's azz anyway. ITCHIN' to whoop up on somebody. Ya'll walked right into to that smack down. Uh Huh.

* I know Pro thinks we are CRAZY, but I think he'd come back to play.

* Just cause you send me an email with a list of demands and things that need to be done right away...DON'T GET IT TWISTED...I am a volunteer. I do this ish for free. Guess what, player? NOT.

* It never ceases to amaze me just how rude and people can be when it comes to social etiquette. NO CLASS AT ALL. Do you really expect to be invited to anything ever again?

* Why does there always have to be just one critic. Didn't de momma ever teach them nuttin. If you ain't got nuttin nice to say. SHUT THE EFF UP!

* That recipie I tried for the first time today was DELISH!!!!

* Why did Cara do a wardrobe change today. She just HAD to wear both dresses & both pairs of shoes today. Wonder were she might have gotton that notion. LOL

* Why did my oldest (25yrs old) get her face all outta shape when I didn't get her an Easter basket, but made her hide the eggs & loot for Cara.

* One more week of doing something I hate. I could do 4years at West Point....I can do 7 days....I think. Perhaps not without shankin somebody.

* I have to run 6.2 miles next Sunday. It's going to be UGLY. I am not prepared at all. Sigh.

* I feel truly blessed.

How was your weekend?

How was your weekend