The Tribe - Kayla's Going Away Party

The Tribe & Friends gathered together to say Anchors Aweigh to one of our own - Kayla - who is off to a far off land (remember the bat signal if you need a way out). It was a wonderful celebration. It is always wonderful to get together with The Tribe and we got to meet some of Kayla's family and friends who had absolutely NO IDEA what they were walking into. I know they think we are the craziest bunch of men & women on the planet...and why da heck would you sit me, of all people, down near the newbies. YOU KNOW I was all up in de business, doing the backstroke all up in there Koolaid. I have earned myself a new alias - MASTER KOOLAID SWIMMER - if there is information, a background check, or any personal data that you need to know, send me in, cause MKS in on the case.

And as usual for the Usual Suspects, we can't go nowhere without some TNT - we know drama.
* We had to be sat in a private room and had to keep telling them to close the door cause we SO DAMN LOUD. All of us.

* I LUV Kayla's man. He is HEEELAAARIOUS. I thought I was gonna bust a kidney with his "how to use a Machette" demonstration & sound effects.

* Why does OneBlackMan ALWAYS got to show out...just food for my fodder...we was both a hot messy mess, but it was funny as hell.

* Just so you know..."This ain't the Olive Garden, so yes, that IS the lasagna."

* "Is that Dick Gregory?"

* Who gonna take the damn picture?

* "Ya know I was just in a photo shoot with Dick Gregory"

Never a dull moment. What a wonderful evening. Come back to us safe & sound, Kayla!