Randoms from a Greek Orthodox Baptism

- "My Baby Maia" (that's what we call Maia) was baptized on Saturday.

- My BFF Vfly (Maia's Momma) cracked me up when she produced a sheet of what to expect at a Greek Baptism so that nobody (at least on her side of the family) would be a shocked, confused, or weirded out when a couple things went down. Good thing, cause I might have broke the whole show up had I not been warned:
  • During the exorcism part of the ceremony (yeah, you read right) one of the godparents makes a renunciation of Satan on behalf of the baby, turns to the West and SPITS in token of his aversion to the Devil.
  • The baby is IMMERSED (I'm talking all da way - no sprinklin business) in water three times. THREE TIMES.
  • Some strands of the baby's hair is cut in a ceremonial tonsure. (Yeah, I gotta look that up too)

- I immediately told Vfly that "My Baby Maia" was not gonna be happy about none of this. NOT ONE BIT.

- She wasn't.

- I am such a tourist everywhere I go and always gotta see and touch stuff...why did I get snatched back cause I was trying to go behind the alter. (There was a room back there with cool stuff in it)....Ummm...

- Women are not allowed back there...not even on the top step to that room.

- It nearly killed me not to try and just lean in or stick my toe in...OHHHHH, I wanted to so bad.

- Why am I like that?

- I thought they said "some strands." Nobody said that we had to cut off four pieces - at each station of the cross.

- If you could have seen my BFF's face on the immersion 3x & hair cutting part - PRICELESS.

- Have you ever tried to dress a baby that has been totally covered in water AND oil? Slippery sucker.

- No, I did NOT drop her. Close doh.

- I swore I was not gonna get Maia dressed before the priests ran out of prayer to sing. I was positive they would have to start at the beginning.

- Undressing & Dressing "My Baby Maia" was my only job...I barely got that straight. Maia WAS NOT HAPPY AT ALL!

- Father John is the bomb diggity priest. I really liked him...he made us all feel like family.

- For a moment there..."I felt Greek."

- Yeah, I was cute and all, but nobody told me that I would be standing for 90 minutes on cold marble in 3 in heels. If I had to stand there 5 more min...


- I love a restaurant that has those bottomless wine glasses...every time I thought I was out of wine, it miraculously filled back up. Just fabulous.

- Nanny, Nanny Boo Boo. *Sticking out my tongue*

It was a beautiful ceremony!