Our bestest friends had their 19th Wedding Anniversary on March 31st. I remember when they got together. I didn't know Terri from adam but Ron & Joe were good friends and in the same unit...and Joe was happy. The FireMarshall loved his friend, was happy for Joe and wanted me to share in that. Good enough for me.

Ron invites Joe & Terri over to celebrate their marriage and I go all out with the cake, champagne & dinner. It was the first time that I met Terri and although we are SOOOO different, we were also like "peas & carrots" - perfect friends. Turns out I'm her city girlfriend and she is my country girlfriend...the house we would put our car in autopilot to run too in the event of the end of the world...cause Joe & Terri know stuff. Lot's of stuff. At least we know we gonna eat. One day I'll share the tale of the evening over drinks at their billion acre farm where I read aloud from her "Goat Husbandry" book. My rendering was priceless. I had to have a kidney transplant. NO TERRI... I AM NOT GONNA GET GOATS, CHICKENS or any other farm animal just cause I got me some acres. I know, hope springs eternal.

Ron & Lisa...Joe & Terri - we've been friends for 20 years. We have shared happiness & sadness; setback & triumphs; the fullness of life together. Terri loves me for me and I for her. Joe lets me wax on eloquently and occassionally say stupid ish...chastises me...and then gives me a hug and a cigar - all because he can and we are friends. Ron & Joe are just...best friends. The best men I know on the planet. REAL MEN. FAMILY MEN.

I love these people. WE LOVE THESE PEOPLE. They are family...even all them damn kids. (and BTW - how many friends with 5 children you have that can come and stay at your house without a murder happening - I got one - not a bad heathen in the bunch).

Happy Anniversary, Joe & Terri. May you have many, many more joyous years.