My Axe Murderer Friends

I have been very fortunate to have made the aquaintance of several people (both men & women) on these here internets. A few of them I have met personally, most I have not...and every single one's that I have met have been wonderful, beautiful/handsome people. 99% of the time, they turn out to be just like they are on their blogs. It takes time to get to know people, but through reading their blogs (AKA life stories) you get a sense of a person, their essence and unless they are bold face liars (and that mess eventually reveals itself with ignant ish) or some other crazy stuff - they turn out to be great people.

The FireMarshall affectionately calls my group of friends & acquaintances that I have met in Internet land - "My Axe Murderer" friends. Makes no difference that he has met personally a good portion of ya'll, he still teases me (even when he goes with me to events)...."Uh, huh. Going to hang out wit ya Axe Murderer friends again, huh? Let me check our life insurance policy before ya leave."

I hate him sometimes sumptin awful.

Well, I have recently added a new friend to my Goo.gl.e Rea.der and FB that I've been getting to know. She writes a lot about her spiritual journey and about "The Supreme's". I enjoy her stories. We FB chat about 24 and other things, just stuff. I sense that she is a kind and gentle soul that can pull out a shank (cause any woman with 3 girls and more hair than an entire wig shop has to be able to cut loose).

Queeny and I were commenting on FB back & forth over Easter when The Ten Commandments were on. I LOVE THAT MOVIE. I don't know why, I just do. I could be that it is just Charleston Heston & Yule Brenner in their heyday, but who cares. I can recite that movie almost by heart. A few days later, I got a message from Queeny that she saw the video in the store, thought of me and I had a surprise coming in the mail.

How friggin sweet, thoughtful & kind is that?

It arrived today. If 24 & Heroes was not on tonight, guess what I'd be watchin...Moses....MOses...MOOOOOSES!

What funny (or rather not surprising) is I find myself doing the same thing for my Internet friends...
  • I'm out shopping and see some sunglasses, pashmina or just about anything - I think of CreoleInDC - no telling what I see that triggers me thinking of her.
  • I was at West Point, and even though my girl, Kayla is in the Navy, I was frantic to find a gift for her.
  • I work my network, near & far, considering jobs, applying for some, working with corporate sponsors and I always think of Sissy, the Texas Twins (you know who you are) and others
  • I run and I think of my new fitness partners in crime - Robin, BK, GBaby and others. I'm always thinking of ways to improve our game.
  • I work in my yard, paint, tile or do anything handy and I think of my girl from HomeAtLastFarm - NO, I'm NOT gonna play that dame Farm game. STOP ASKING!

The list could go on, but suffice it to say, I love my Axe Murderer Friends. It is a pleasure knowing and getting to know even better all of you.

Queeny - Thank you! So very much! I (and my family) are going to enjoy this DVD Collectors Disk you sent. Now I don't have to wait till Easter to get my Ten Commandments on. You are blessing.