On The Ponderosa

Today was a busy day. We did a fundraiser for the Lacrosse Team where we paid a couple of c-notes to have about 10 Lax players come over and do all of your yard work for their service project. We powerwashed the deck, got all the furniture ready for spring/summer, the boys weeded, planted, mulched, cleared and pruned their little hearts away. They did a great job.

I was talking to CreoleInDC this afternoon and she had me hollerin as usual. She said, "Giiiiirllll, you be doing big things out there on the ponderosa."...and I could not help myself, but break out in the theme song. Didn't know that I was a big fan of Bonanza, didja?

I've been humming the theme song since I got off the phone with her. I think we are going to have to change the estate sign to read "Ponderosa" instead of "True Blessings Estate" LOL.

Here are some pictures of the handiwork these young men did: