The Best House Party - EVER!

My friend and classmate had a 45th Birthday Celebration at her house last night. Ron and I drove up for the party and LET ME TELL YOU...it was a blast. We arrived and Gator was grillin slabs of ribs on the barbie and had a "special people" pan of ribs set aside for pre-party snacking. After having a post-travel snack, we started helping finalizing the set up and got detoured outta takin a nap because we had to go rescue Gator's daughter who was stuck in the KFC drive-thru cause the car ended up stuck in park and would not - no matter how hard we kicked, pulled, forced- go back into gear. Two hours later we had the car towed and were back at the house.

I was immediately told to make "gettin' ready" drinks and we got "bootiful" for the party. I tended the bar and could not make drinks fast enough. I can make a mean martini. All of Gator's friends were awesome & fun. The DJ was smokin the jams. We danced till 1am. I am pooped, but it was worth it.

Happy Birthday, Gator!