This Christmas...

...had to be one of my all time favorites. It was just so wonderful watching Cara get so into it. We had to bake cookies for Santa, lay them out with a glass a milk the night before and jump up to see if Santa had actually ate them this morning. She was just so excited to open all of her gifts...The hit was the Big Wheel, the fully stocked art desk and.....the motorized Dump Truck - which will be the bain of my existence if that damn thing doesn't quiet down.

Jordan's favorite gift was a new lacrosse stick, Charlee - her new Samsung Behold cell phone, Mom - the Kitchen Aid Artisan, Erin - the Coach Clutch, the shoes, everything, Ron - *sigh* all his new unmentionables (I so hate that he is just that simple). My absolute favorite were my new timberland urban 14" round heel boots - CHEXY!

Mom made panny cakes & mimosas for breakfast and then after a morning of playing with our toys, finding batteries, assembling last minute stuff we went over to Grandma Willies for Christmas Dinner and opening of more gifts. Grandma was fascinated by her digital picture frame (of course I didn't load enough pictures on it) . We ate a small feast at Gma's and then went back home, put on our Christmas Pj's and started watching movies.

I hope the all of you had a wonderful Christmas day.