The Tribe Holiday Party

(click the little volume button on slide show if you don't want to hear the sound)
All I can say is....FABULOUS party. We had such a wonderful time. The food was awesome - especially dat der GUMBO. That's when I knowed there was a Gawd. It was great to see so many people from the tribe (my axe murderer friends). Babs and I were robbed of our Emmy for our singing performances. Yes, we know all the words to Winter Wonderland...and it IS true that "Later on, we'll conspire...."

If I forget to mention someone, my apologies. If you weren't there, you missed meeting Babs, OneFromPhilly, Hostess, Honest, Tsipora, Gladys, DearLesley, Vivrant_Thang, Miss B, TheCorporateDropout, Kayla, Akilah, JoyToTheWorld, Pinky, Shawn...and of course the Hostess with the Mostest - CreoleInDC.

I laugh so dag on hard when I am with all of you guys, I swear I need a kidney transplant. Oh, and some of the one liners were just classic. My absolute favorite..."Oh, I love it...it doesn't smell like ole white woman." I thought I was gonna rupture something. And remember ladies, if you bought it...if you have a receipt for it...then its yours - your blouse, your nails, my flat stomach, your hair. No need to say anything further.

Really, I'm not a bad person. I'm just loud and obnoxious...and I wasn't the only one either. Still, I got called to the principles office for my colorful language in front of the chillins. Izz sorry. Thank you, Monnie for bringing it to my attention. I just didn't think - Hmmm, maybe that is my problem. I didn't mean nuttin by it. Really, I'mma good girl. Humph.

At last count, when we were cleaning up, we discovered that bout 14 bottles of wine had been kilt. Y'all are some damn al.CO.Hol.ics. I didn't have nuttin to do wit it.

I ended up staying over and me, Babs, Gladys & Monica stayed up till 3 am having a good ole girlfriend talk. It was wonderful. By time I got to down to bed; however, the airmatress had completely deflated. The two princess I was bunking with had no problem, but I'm old...I couldn't handle the floor so I went back upstairs to the couch and passed out. I think I startled the Robinator...he was like..."Umm, why you not downstairs, there is a couch down there." I told him there were additional bodies down there and I drew the short straw. I was exhausted, so I packed up and went home. I got home and threw myself across the bed, slept for about 2 hours.