Just WAAAAY to much Sweat

I picked up my practice of Bikram Yoga again today after a hiatus over the Christmas holiday. The class this morning was pretty packed but you still had plenty of room in order to not violate anyone's personal space with your sweat.

I found a nice space right up front. One of the instructors was on one side of me and a lady with some seriously weird looking pants on was on the other side of me. I didn't pay weirdy pants much attention besides thinking that "Damn, she sure is gonna be hot", cause her pants looked like they are made out plastic.

I am well aware of how much you sweat when doing Bikram Yoga and am not easily grossed out, but weirdy pants was so freakin gross with the sweat today that I thought I was gonna hurl. Just the damn sound of her sloshing around on her mat and in her on damn pants was enough to make me gag. Every 2 poses she would pull open the elastic around her ankles and let a flood of water out of her pants. *GULP* I just had this nasty, wet, sloshy sound of excess bodily fluid that would make the most stout of heart swoon.

There were times that I just had to lay there cause my stomach would turn over every time she "drained" herself. I was just mortified. I thought for sure that she would eventually drain her whole body of fluid...I've just never seen that much damn sweat. EEEEEEWWWWWAAAAAAAHHHHHH!...and then she would fall over from heat stroke. Humph.

Next time, if I see her in class, I'm moving to the other side of the room. I will not subject myself to that nastiness ever again.