I Love My Friends

Last night, my BFF Pattey (and Soror) were talking and she mentioned she had a holiday party to go to that required semi-formal attire. She was fretting about buying a formal that she was only going to wear once (cause she says she never goes to this stuff) and wanted me to look with her online at outfits. I told her there was no need to buy a new outfit. I have a damn closet full of formal and after5 wear...some of it hardly (or never) worn...borrow something of mine. We sat on the phone while I went though the closet, took pictures of a bunch of outfits, she selected some and I UPS'd them to her today. She will be sending me pics of what she choses. I can't wait.
Funny thing...she told me that with all of the stuff I have sitting in various closets, I ought to rent the items out, like that boutique (I forgot the name) in Bethesda. I need to think about that. I got plenty for the inaugural balls...people renting out their houses, why not a gown. Hmmmm.

I also have a whole wardrobe box full of dresses, suits and more (designer ish) that I can't get my wide load into anymore. I keep thinking that one day, I'll get back into these items. I just need to give up the ghost. Instead of giving them to Good.wi.ll, I was thinking I could give them away to my blog friends who might need or just plain want them. I think it would bring me more joy to know who had the item and was enjoying it than it going out to lala land. What do you think?

Another of my bestest girlfriends, Terri, who came for a visit for Thanksgiving and took me to Tea at the Ritz, sent me a package that arrived today. What a wonderful surprise. Terri had bought me two bags of loose tea while she was here, but I didn't have a tea infuser to use the tea. In my package were two tea infusers. Awesome! I immediately make a cup of tea and took some time to start reading the book she also got me - Wicked.

Finally, my BFF & Soror Val ...(Yes, I am blessed to have 3 FABULOUS, long time BFFs) called to tell me how long she was planning to stay with us this weekend and to ask if that was okay. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I asked her why she wasn't staying longer. BRING ME MY BABY - NOW! Friday? Why can't you come tomorrow? HELL. Make moves, girlfriend. I can't wait to have Val and my baby girl, Maia here. Best be tomorrow.