It's Called Christmas - With a Capital C

Yeah, my mom is kinda militant with the "It's Called Christmas" and if you don't get it then you're going to hell in gasoline drawers. She cracks me up...I'm worried about the next clerk at the store that says Happy Holiday's to her. Please be careful today, Ma, you are taking Cara to see Santa and we don't want an international incident.

Despite her militant, grinchy stance, I agree with her. I'm real tired of having to walk on tiptoes around people cause they might get offended if I say Merry Christmas to them instead of Happy Holiday's. Like the guy says in the clip below, there are a lot of holidays in February (Presidents Day, Valentines Day, my Birthday). Do you go around saying Happy Holiday's instead of Happy Valentines Day in February cause of some irrational fear that you might say that to someone who does not believe in Love? Why do we have to be so damn politically correct? WHO is the person who makes the effin rules on what is okay to say and what is not and WHAT makes that "phrase" the correct one?

Let's get this straight...If I say Merry Christmas and have a Blessed New Year to you and your panties get all in a bunch then just BE MAD and go ahead and have a Effed Up Christmas and a Cursed New Year with your stoopit, oversensitive self.

Merry Christmas!!!!
It's Called Christmas (With a Capital C)