Black Eyed Peas & Red Beans

Recently CreoleInDC posted her recipie for Black Eyed Peas & Red Beans and it looked and sounded so yummy that I decided to make both for my New Years Eve Party.

I soaked the beans overnight and followed the recipie pretty much to the letter. I used 1 package of ham hocks (SUUUUUWEEEEE!!!) for the Black Eyed Peas and I used Andoullie sausage (we like a little spice) for the Red Beans. I started putting everything together at about 8:30pm. Instead of bringing to a boil and then simmering for 2 hours (I didn't feel like keeping an eye on the stove for that long and we had WOTC), I added all ingredients to 2 separate crock pots (yep, I got two), put on high until about 11pm and then I turned the crock pots down to low until about 8am this morning.
CHILE PLEASE! My Black Eyed Peas and Red Beans ARE OFF THE CHAIN! Absolutely delish, the best I have ever had.

Y'all need to go make you some, cause I'm sure there ain't gonna be no leftovers of mine to spare. STAY OUTTA MY CROCK POT!