Chivalry, True Love, Honor, Respect is NOT Dead

Last night, the FireMarshall and I went over to a dinner party at one of our "best, goodest" friends (Brian & Tinera) house. Not only was the food fantastic but the evening was just filled with love & romance.

Everyone gathered in on the main floor to say grace before we chowed down and then announcements were made. First up was Mario, who announced his engagement to his lady of 5 years. When he told us the story of how it all went down, I couldn't help but bust a tear or two. This young man asked the girls father for her hand 3 days before Christmas Eve and then, in front of all of her family at a Christmas Eve party, he got down on his knee and proposed. Awwww. Next up was Phillip announced his engagement on Christmas day to his lady (don't know how long they were engaged) and his story was pretty much the same thing. Honor, love, respect IS NOT DEAD. These two young men were not brothers. They are good friends of Brian, our host for the evening. The FireMarshall and I were there for their entire romance, engagement and even attended their wedding in Jamaica....THE MOST ROMANTIC ISH EVER!

Guess there must be something to the notion of guilt by association. Each one of these young men got good home training and/or associated with like minded men and are DOING IT AND DOING IT RIGHT. Had to pull out the tissue box.

...and the absolute kicker to the evening was immediately following the announcements, the doorbell rings and it turns out to be a car salesman, delivering a brand new car for Tinera for Christmas. It was the EXACT car, down to the color, that has been on her refrigerator for a long time. Dreams Do Come True. You wanna talk pandemonium, screaming, crying as everybody piles out of the house to take pictures of this moment. Tinera was smiling so hard, all you could see of her face was her teeth.

We went home last night feeling like all was right with the world.