New Years Eve Celebrations

Fireworks V&A, originally uploaded by Natasha BK.

One of the best New Years Eve celebrations ever was the time Ron and I went to Capetown, SA for 10 days in December of 2003. We sat huddled together in our rental car at an overlook on the back side of Table Mountain and watched the fireworks explode over the Victoria & Albert Waterfront. We had brought champagne & glasses from our hotel room (at the awesome Bay Hotel). We sat there sipping our champagne, making plans & dreaming of our future.

A lot of the things we talked about has happened since then - we have been truly blessed.

Promotions, 2 layoffs, 2 new jobs, building an addtion on our house, my husband starting his own company, a new addition to our family, celebrating 20 years of marriage, 20th West Point reunion, 25th HS reunion & so much more.

We are not traveling this year for New Years for a lot of reasons...bad economy, 5 months unemployed on a severance package & most importantly...we just want the family to all be together. We decided, a little late, to have a informal get-together for our family & friends. We thought that people may want to celebrate, but ya know, with finances tight for just about everybody, they may not want go out and spend a bunch of money. Why not bring your kids, family & a dish over and we ring in the New Year together.

We look forward to seeing all of the friends who are coming over. I can't wait to spend the evening with you all - huddled together in the family room, sipping champagne & making plans/setting goals for the new year to come.

If you didn't get your invite - drop me a line...all are welcome.