Home Spa Day

Today I decided to play with some of my holiday goodies and give myself a home spa - ya know, budget and all.

I started with a facial and wanted to try out my new Rx for Brown Skin Virtual Peel. Basically giving yourself a glycolic peel in your bathroom.

Well, don't be a village idiot like me and spend 5 minutes trying to figure out why the ish won't stick to your face like it says on the damn box. Instructions say to peel the backing off and stick to dry face. I don't know why I thought the backing was the sticky stuff but I did. I am standing there fussing, bout to get a serious attitude that this mess don't work. Even took a picture of myself (looking a complete idjit). MAD ABOUT IT. I pull the paper off my damn face, pick up the box - reading the instructions again and again.

Finally, it was as if a freakin lightning bolt hit me, I realized that the clear sticky stuff was the mask I was supposed to put on my face. IDJIT.You're supposed to leave it on your face for 5 min and then peel off. Ummmm.....well, there was some tingling (it is a peel) but it wasn't too bad, easily bearable. The hard part is peeling that thing off your face when time is up. LAWD if can't bear having your lip or eyebrows waxed - then this product is not for you. You literally peel this stuff off your face. It felt like I was taking the 1st layer of skin off. Seriously. After you get it off your face, you put a serum on your face & WaaaLaaah...you've completed your Virtual Peel. My face felt baby smooth afterwards. No redness...just bright, healthy and soft. If you can stand getting your face waxed, then you will love this product.

After my peel, I then decided to play with my Elemis aromatherapy bath set and ran me a bath in our garden tub. Sure does take a lot of water. I used the Milk Bath therapy in the bath water and just made my skin feel so silky smooth. After soaking for awhile, I exfoliated with the Exotic Lemon & Ginger Salt Glow. I rinsed the scrub off, got out of tub, sat on edge and applied the Exotic Fangipani Monoi Moisture Melt to my damp skin. After toweling off, I applied the Exotic Flower Body Balm.

Not only did I smell wonderful, but everything from my face to my toes was silky soft. Must do this more often.