Christmas Decorating - Grand Finale

It is done!

Like I said earlier, Christmas is my absolute FAVORITE holiday and we (my mother and I) take decorating for the season to a whole new level each year. There are 15 extension cords & 10 timers (at present count) to make all of this work. There are a few final touches to be done tomorrow to complete the masterpiece, and personally, I still don't think that I have enough on the outside. It's about scale. The place is kinda big, so it requires big time decorations. If you can't land aircraft in the yard...there ain't enough lights. If I don't need a generator (yet), then I don't have enough lights.

My ultimate goal is to one day be able to afford to hire a company to put up all of my lighting and outline the house in rope lighting, wiring it internally to the house. Oh Yeah. I got plans, baby.

My mother just came over and asked the FireMarshall to check the breakers cause her bedroom and bathroom lights don't come on. He came back mumbling something about blowing fuses and ish. WHATEVER.

So, come on people. We can't be the only Christmas decorating fanatics around here. Does anyone else out there take decorating to a whole new level? Come on, admit it. I know you got talent.