When to Recognize Crazy...and Walk Away

I have been getting emails from a '71 graduate of West Point for a couple of years now. I never really read them cause they always started out with him going off on some freakin diatribe about somebody else being a racist. For example, this is an except from a letter he wrote (I found online) on a newsboard:
Isn?t it because you are just another one of Georgia?s overwhelming number of racially bigoted, corrupt and vindictive ?*WHITE TRASH*? klan mentality confederate ?*GOOD OLE BOY*? moral slut white officials who does not like my truthful comments about your ?*SOUTHERN BIGOTRY and CORRUPT*??

Okay...this guy is always trying to solicit other grads to join his "moral" cause to fight "white racism" when it sounds like he is spewing it from his very pores himself. I simply didn't want to be involved and/or associated with his crazy rants. Don't get me in the middle of your nonsense.

I have asked him at least 10 times or more to remove me from his distro list. I never get a response, I just keep getting emails from him. I finally set up my mail box to just have his ish go to my junk mail/spam. However, when I got my BB and started reading most of my mail on that crackberry, I started seeing his trash again. NO! I have not figured out how to send ish to spam on my crack machine yet (although I do know how to do FB & Twitter Mobile) so I wanted him GONE.

I replied to him AGAIN to remove me from his distro list and that if he didn't do it this time then I would contact his ISP and have them make him comply. Well, he ignored me again. WRONG ANSWER, IDJIT. I'm the wrong grad, the wrong byatch, the wrong everything to eff with. He refused. FINE. I contacted his ISP and then I copied him and his entire distro list on my complaint with instructions on they too could be removed from his vitriol.

Well, did he get his panties in a bunch and decided to write me an email:
SUBJECT: Lisa Steptoe-I am sorry that you do not believe in our Honor Code & Cadet Prayer

WTF!!!! What does my wanting to get off your distro list got to do with the freakin Honor Code & Cadet Prayer? Who da hell do you think you are talking to, you ignat MFer. He went on in his email to say that I "do not have the moral courage/guts to publicly oppose white racism" (HUH?) and that I was not a "a real West Pointer" (now you've gone to far). He agreed to remove me from his distro list, but the kicker and most revealing part of his craziness was at then end he said he was gonna tell on me to Oprah (You've gotta be kidding me):
PS – I am saving your cowardly email so I can read it when I appear on The Oprah Show to discuss my terrible experience with white racism and with some of my cowardly fellow West Pointers.

YOU GONNA TELL ON ME TO OPRAH!!!!! BWAAAAAHAAAAHAAAAHAAAAHAAAA! Okay, playa. You crazier than a bed bug. I'm done. I really wanted to fire off something to him and read him the riot act, but I was at a loverly dinner with a friend so I had to wait till I got home to deal with CrazyMan.

I showed the whole exchange to TheFireMarshall when I got back to the house and he said, " Ya, know... you got what you wanted, he agreed to take you off his distro list...so why fight with a crazy person. Unless you can totally get rid of him (like kill him or something), then you will be going back and forth with a guy who is clearly off his rocker."

Ya know, he's got a point. There was no point in disputing him point for point for he would just go on and on. I AM NOT IN THE MOOD. I decided not to get into a pissing contest but I couldn't just let it go without telling him thank you for removing me from his list:

BwaaaaaaHaaaaaaHaaaaahaaaaHa. As if... No wonder nobody wants to read your diatribes. Thank you for complying. I'm looking forward to your show on Oprah.- if ever.

The FireMarshall just shook his head. WHATEVER. I may be all beautiful and nice and ish, but I will kill a MFer quick. Yet my Daddy used to always say, "Never wound your enemy. KILL them, put them down for good, lest they get back up, licking thier wounds and come back to kill you." Wise man. Imma let that crazy idjit have it as long as I don't get no more emails from him. If I do, then it is on. FOR REAL. FOR SHO.